Vn.Golden*KCGF P.Sudarshan elected as International President, Vn.Golden*KCGF Palakurthi Gayathri elected as International Executive Vice President, Vn.Golden*KCGF R.Ravi Chandran elected as International Secretary and Vn.Golden*KCGF Dr H.S.Nagabushana elected as International Treasurer for the year 2022.

Schemes Details

Sreyobhilashi Scheme

Considering the requests from Vasavians, receiving donations to provide Self Employment Loans to economically backward families Sreyobhilashi Scheme was introduced in the year 2019 to Provide Self Employment to Economically backward families with Rs.20,000/- as Interest free loans to start Business/to improve their existing business. 463 Sreyobhilashi contributions were received in 2019.