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About Us


A need was strongly felt to bring all Vysya Community to a common platform and to enable them to exchange their ideas and views and also to felicitate Arya Vysyas in those days who were qualified as IAS & as Doctor, Engineer & Advocates as well as those who visited Foreign Countries. With these modest aims and objectives the FIRST VASAVI CLUB was started in the year 1961 on 1st October with Eleven members at Hyderabad by Late Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrasena Gupta (K.C.Gupta), Freedom Fighter who could be regarded as not only the Founder but also as the "Father of Vasavi Movement".

Entering into the Field of Service :

In the year 1971, one more era started in Vasavi Club by undertaking Service Projects like Pulse Polio, Educational Assistance, providing Sewing Machines & Wet Grinders to poor ladies for their livelihood. Later on, the activities of our movement had increased manifold to Fellowship, Leadership, Personality Development, Social Service and Educational Activities etc...

Extension :

With a view to provide a common platform for all Vysyas nationwide, it was decided to extend Vasavi Clubs to other places. In the period between 1976 -92 about 6 clubs were extended. Vasavi Club Warangal was first extended club. Besides extension of New clubs, the co-ordination of the activities of all the Vasavi Clubs at various places was felt very much important. Then a Committee was formed in the year 1992 and the result was the formation of All India Association of Vasavi Clubs on 3rd. January, 1993.

From National to Vasavi Clubs International :

When the Vasavi Movement has spread from National to International by extending Clubs in Overseas, in the year 2007 the name is changed from All India Association of Vasavi Clubs to International Association of Vasavi Clubs and in the year 2008 it is again changed to VASAVI CLUBS INTERNATIONAL and registered at Hyderabad (Regd. No. 800/2008)

The growth of Vasavi clubs is illustrated herewith :

Year 93-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-2k 2K-01 01-02 02-03
No. of Clubs added every year 8 12 17 17 24 27 35 87 209
Year 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
No. of Clubs added every year 119 40 49 70 66 79 62 175 181

Total Clubs : 1,277

Total clubs extended so far 1,277 out of which 457 clubs have been disaffiliated due to their non - functioning. The Net strength of the Clubs on rolls as on 31.12.2011 is 820. Today the Vasavi movement reached to 820 clubs with 19 clubs overseas, a remarkable achievement by all standards within a short span of a period of 19 years of extension.


Until the year 2000, the AIAVC was headed by the single Governor who was elected at the Annual Conference. As the Organisation grew in strength with about 92 clubs, a lot of planning had gone into the re-organisation of the Administrative mechanism by the formation of VASAVI DISTRICTS which came into operation from 01.04.2000. The National Governing Board was formed for managing the Administration of various Districts.The National body was headed by the National President elected at the National Convention. The National President nominates the National officers which constitutes the National Governing Board (NGB). With the Association becoming International, the organisation is headed by the INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT elected at the Annual International Convention (ICON). The INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT nominates the International Officers to assist in the day to day administration and monitor the activities of Districts and make policy decisions.
To provide equal opportunity to Vysya Vanithas, First Vanitha Club was started at Vizianagaram in the year 2001-02. Now there are about 200 Vanitha Vasavi Clubs in VCI.


The affiliation fee for all Vasavi Clubs to Vasavi Clubs International is Rs. 2,116/-. Every member of the Vasavi Club should pay yearly subscription to Vasavi Clubs International, which at present is Rs. 150/-.



Self Employment Scheme of Rs.10,000/- interest free loan, was introduced in the year 2004-05 with the financial help of GMR Vara Laxmi Foundation and about 1,354 beneficiaries have availed the scheme. In addition to this Vasavi Clubs are extending Self Employment by providing Sewing Machines, Wet Grinders & Financial assistance to the needy.


Under Vasavi Saraswathi Padhakam, our Clubs started Vasavi Book Banks to provide the Text Books to the students of Intermediate and Higher Studies. The Book Banks will be financially assisted by the VCI out of interest accrued on KCGF Deposits to the Clubs upto a Maximum Value of Rs. 5,000/- to each club in each year.


In the year 2010, 330 Sewing Machines were distributed to poor women for Self Employment.
In the year 2011, 300 Wet Grinders were distributed to poor families for Self Employment.