• 040-29301505/06/07

Schemes Details


VKSP - VasaviKutumbaSurakshaPadhakam is a benevolent fund for the members of Vasavi Clubs International. Any Vasavi Club member from any Vasavi Club in good standing is eligible to join this fund.

Any member who intends to join this fund has to remit a non refundable amount of Rs.3000/- to this fund out of which Rs.1000/- is towards Admission Fee which will be deposited permanently under FDs in the bank and the interest earned on such FDs will be utilized for administration purpose only, without disturbing the FDs at any time.

The other Rs.2000/- is towards contingency liability of the member. If any member in this fund demises, an intimation by way of SMS will be given to all the remaining members and an amount of Rs.100/- for natural demise or Rs.200/- for accidental demise will be deducted from the contingency liability amount of each member in VKSP Normal and the deducting amount gets doubled in VKSP Senior. This collected amount will be provided as welfare assistance to the family members of the demised member. Any member in VKSP is eligible for benefits only after 2 years from the date of joining in VKSP Normal and only after 1 year from the date of joining in VKSP Senior.