Vn.Golden * KCGF Sreyobhilashi Tiriveedhi Venugopal elected as International President, Nominated Vn. Golden*KCGF Sreyobhilashi P.Sudarshan as International Secretary and Vn. Silver*KCGF R.Ravi Chandran as International Treasurer for the year 2020
Norms To Extend A New Club
  • A resolution to be passed by the club in BOD Meeting to extend a club in a particular area.
  • Club should write a letter to Governor for seeking permission to extend a club along with a copy of the Resolution and obtain clearance and send a copy to National Secretariat
  • The validity of the permission granted by Governor will be valid for 15 days, subject to renewable.
  • Two orientation meetings should be conducted by the sponsoring club and detailed reports should sent to National Secretariat and Governor with in a weeks time in prescribed Formats.
  • First orientation meeting should have the Aims & Objects, History of our Association importance of the Extension, Awareness of the movement, Financial obligations, Awards, Programmes & Projects details etc and form an Adhoc Committee. Details to be informed in prescribed Format No. 1015 to the National Secretariat & Governor
  • Second orientation meeting should have the electing of the Executive Committee, Finalisation of Inaugural function, payment of Affiliation fee, Subscription and Club supplies etc. and amount should remit to National Secretariat along with list of members with full Bio-data and take clearance for Inauguration. Details to be informed in prescribed Format No. 1016 to National Secretariat along with D.D. & copy to Governor.
  • Minimum of 30 members in Rural Area and 40 members in Urban / Semi Urban Area should be there to start a new club.
  • Financial obligations
Financial Obligations India (Rural) Urban Abroad
Affiliation fee 2,116/- 2,116/- US $ 50
Banner cost 600/- 600/- US $ 15
P.S.T set Pins cost 300/- 300/- US $ 7
President Collar 300/- 300/- US $ 7
Charter 400/- 400/- US $ 10
Subscription fee 3,000/-
30 members 100/-per head per Annum
(Rs. 60/- International Dues + 40/- District Dues)
30 members 100/-per head per Annum
(Rs. 60/- International Dues + 40/- District Dues)
US $ 40 (30 Members)
Gong & Gavel 900/- 900/- US $ 20
Member Pin 1,500/- (30) 2,000/- (40) 50/- Each US $ 35
Total 9,116/- 10,116/- US $ 184
  • Any one of the National Officer, (National Director and above Cadre) should be the Chief Guest for the inauguration of New club.
  • Inauguration invitation card, Stage Banner, Seating arrangements, Meeting Agenda must be taken care in advance.
  • All models should be provided to the New clubs by Deputy Governor or by Sponsoring club.
  • Format No.1020 to be filled at the Inaugural Function and obtain the signature’s of New club’s President, Secretary, Chief Guest/ Governor & Deputy Governor and to be despatched to National Secretariat with in 2 days of Inauguration by concern Deputy Governor.
  • New club Banner, Charter Membership Certificates, Pins, Stickers, District Directories, CMRs etc., should sent atleast 3 days in Advance to sponsoring club or to Dy.Governor which to be presented at the Inaugural Function.
  • New club Banner unveiling system should be explained.
  • Concerned Zone Chairman should advise and supervise the Inaugural function.
  • Local guests to give only felicitations at the end. Strictly no speeches.
“ Forms will be available in FORMS Channel ”

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